Our Favorite Halloween Costumes for Cats!
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Our Favorite Halloween Costumes for Cats!

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Any cat parent knows that the average feline isn’t a fan of “dressing up.” If you’re willing to endure a minute or so of withering stares (and perhaps a few scratches), consider buying your cat a costume for Halloween just to shoot a delightful photo! Thanks to the rise of pet-centric social media accounts and unique shops like Etsy, there are more Halloween costumes for cats than ever before. Ready to take the plunge? Check out our favorite Halloween costumes for cats below.

alien cat costume Via Etsy

Alien Cat

This adorable googly-eyed alien hat features slits for your cat’s ears and ties under the chin. Complete with antennae and green eyes of its own, you may just mistake your cat as an alien leader visiting from a distant planet. Buy It Here

avocado toast cat costume Via Etsy

Avocado Toast Cat

It’s all-day brunch at your house! Your cat will be quite the little snack in this avocado toast costume. The hat is created using Eco-fi felt, a material made from 100% recycled bottles, and is also made in America. Buy It Here

ballerina princess cat costume Via Amazon

Ballerina Cat

Whether you’re aiming for ballerina or princess, this is one of the loveliest Halloween costumes for cats out there. The fashionable tutu-style dress is decorated with three flowers. Your cat is officially cuter than anything now! Buy It Here

black bat cat costume Via Amazon

Black Bat Cat

Bats and black cats are out in earnest this seasonso much so that they seem to have merged into one adorable creature! This bat wings costume has adjustable Velcro straps and is made of black-felt cloth for added comfort. Buy It Here

cowboy cat costume Via Amazon

Cowboy Cat

Reach for the sky, purrtner! This is the ultimate cowboyor cowgirlcostume for your cat, featuring a denim jacket (complete with a belt and badge design) and hat set with a pair of faux arms. Fair warning: Your cat may feel imperious with this one on. Buy It Here

lion cat costume Via Amazon

Lion Cat

Inside every domestic housecat is a mighty lion roaring to get out. Help your kitty unleash her wild side with this simple pullover lion mane costume. It features a bushy mane and plush ears, and is made of lightweight cotton and polyester. Buy It Here

peacock cat costume Via Amazon

Peacock Cat

One of the more extravagant Halloween costumes for cats is this peacock outfit with matching hat. Your cat can strut her stuff in this pretty blue-and-teal design. The Velcro closure makes the costume easy-on, easy-off (in theory). Buy It Here

pina colada cat costume Via Etsy

Piña Colada Cat

We’re thirsty just looking at this cat. The piña colada hat features a “straw,” pineapple piece, cherry, and toothpick-based cocktail umbrella (so make sure you supervise!). The hat includes slits for ears and ties underneath your cat’s chin. Buy It Here

pirate cat costume Via Amazon

Pirate Cat

Arrr, kitty! This pirate costume suit with a skull-and-crossbones hat is made of polyester and soft, breathable fabric. The faux pair of arms is complete with a pirate hook. You might not keep your cat in it for long, but this one is worth the effort! Buy It Here

pizza slice cat costume Via Trendy Halloween

Pizza Slice Cat

No one can say no to pizzanot even your cat! The pizza slice costume features a head opening on top and a brown bodysuit underneath. Velcro patches secure the jumpsuit in place. Your cat will be looking mighty tasty. Buy It Here

pumpkin cat costume Via eBay

Pumpkin Cat

Add your cat to the list of Halloween decorations with this pumpkin costume and matching hat. Neck girth and body girth are both adjustable. If he’s lucky, your pumpkin-adorned cat may just discover a mouse hiding inside! 

sailor cat costume Via Amazon

Sailor Cat

This more noble kitty of the sea costume features a sailor cap and tie collar, both of which are adjustable. Pretty soon your cat will be meowing “anchors away!” and expecting live fish for dinner. Buy It Here

shark cat costume Via Etsy

Shark Cat

This hilarious cat hat has the white teeth and black eyes of a great white shark. The sewn-in lightweight felt creates a ferocious toothy smile. While we’d usually rather not imagine our pets’ heads poking out of the mouth of a great white, this costume is the exception. Buy It Here

shark fin cat costume Via Etsy

Bonus Shark Cat

Basically, you can never have too many shark cat costumes. This outfit uses Velcro straps to secure the shark fin around your cat’s belly and chest. It is made of fabric, interfacing and fusible fleece, which makes it completely washable, too. Buy It Here

spider cat costume Via Amazon

Spider Cat

Attack of the spider cat! This costume features vivid 3D eyeballs and legs that swing lively as your kitty walks. It’s made of polyester fabric with an adjustable elastic band and can also serve as a cat scarf for those chilly October days. Buy It Here

dinosaur stegosaurus cat costume Via Meowingtons

Stegosaurus Cat

Undoubtedly one of the top Halloween costumes for cats on our list is this green dinosaur outfit complete with yellow spikes. The body piece is designed to easily slip on with a three-snap button attachment. Your cat will feel like the fiercest predator that ever lived! Buy It Here

What are your favorite Halloween costumes for cats? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram!


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