Have a Sphynx Cat? You Need a Litter-Robot
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Have a Sphynx Cat? You Need a Litter-Robot

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Most of us are familiar with the unique Sphynx cat: She’s hairless or has just a touch of fuzz, with large ears, wrinkled skin, and luminous eyes. But the one thing that only Sphynx cat parents know? This breed tends to have extra stinky cat poop! Learn why every Sphynx cat parent needs our self-cleaning litter box to help reduce litter box odors.

A little background on the Sphynx cat

Sphynx cat with grey skin and blue eyes on a wood bench
Photo by Linnea Sandbakk on Unsplash

As one of the most popular hairless cat breeds, the Sphynx has a surprisingly random origin story. In 1966 Ontario, Canada, a black and white cat gave birth to a wrinkled hairless kitten. The owner named this kitten Prune, which was eventually bred to other cats in an attempt to create more hairless kittens. Hairlessness is a recessive gene, so some of the kittens were born with hair and some were not.

How did this breed get its name? In fact, the first kittens were called Canadian Hairless Cats. People began referring to them as Sphynx cats due to their resemblance to the ancient Egyptian cat sculpture, the Sphinx. And despite their stoic appearance, the Sphynx cat is known for her highly social, attention-loving, and inquisitive personality.

Many cat parents don’t realize that these hairless cats still require regular bathing. Why? Cats with fur usually absorb sebaceous oils on their skin, but hairless cats can’t. If they are not wiped down or sponge-bathed weekly, they may feel sticky to the touch and develop skin problems.

Why does Sphynx cat poop smell so bad?

Although there isn’t extensive research on the subject, there are two factors in Sphynx cat health that help us understand why this breed’s poos are so stinky.

Sphynx cats have fast metabolisms

Because this cat breed has a fast metabolism, the Sphynx cat eats more than the average cat—which means she poops more, too. 

Sphynx cats have sensitive digestive systems

The Sphynx cat tends to be more prone to gastrointestinal and digestive issues than some other breeds, which may result in soft stools, diarrhea, and other digestive disorders. These cats may require a special diet of highly digestible food. Sometimes proper nutrition and diet can help with a Sphynx cat’s smelly bowel movements—but not always.

Enter Litter-Robot!

How the Litter-Robot can help with odor

Sphynx cat sitting in front of a Litter-Robot 3 self-cleaning litter box

The Litter-Robot is the highest-rated automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats. One of its biggest benefits? It helps manage and reduce litter box odors in several ways.

Automatic cycle

The Litter-Robot is fully automatic, using a patented sifting process that begins just minutes after your cat exits the unit. With a Sphynx cat that poops a lot, no longer having to scoop will feel and (literally) smell like a breath of fresh air. Plus, your Sphynx will have a clean bed of litter every time!

Fully enclosed waste drawer

Minutes after your Sphynx cat goes, the poop gets cycled into a fully enclosed waste drawer below the unit. This aids in reducing litter box odors caused by urine and feces that would otherwise be exposed to the open air—and likely infiltrating the entire house.

Carbon filter

Finally, the Litter-Robot waste drawer comes equipped with a carbon filter for further absorbing odors. For optimal odor absorption, we recommend changing the carbon filter every three months.

Countless Litter-Robot customers have reported greatly reduced litter box odors in their home. Check out some of the latest:

I’m in love!
I never thought I would love something that has to do with poo so much in my life, but this box rocks! I have a 7 lb hairless Sphynx who poos the most foul nuggets I have ever had a cat poo. And I have a Great Dane who thinks they make for wonderful snacking. Yuck! This box is a two-fer in my house. It keeps the foul snacks contained and clean, and keeps them out of reach of the puppy! I’m so sold. As the amazing Oprah would say, “You get a box!”, and “You get a box!” This girl is sold.

– Jennifer M., 3/10/20

Best purchase I’ve made !!!!
Best purchase I’ve made !!!! I have 2 Sphynx cats and I do not have to scoop or smell a cat box again ! Absolutely love it !!!! Will never use a regular cat box again ! Works wonderfully!!!!

– Bj M., 2/19/20

As a Sphynx cat parent, you can reap the benefits of the highest-rated self-cleaning litter box even more than the average cat parent!

Sphynx cat sitting in front of a Litter-Robot 3 self-cleaning litter box


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