What Pets With Disabilities Can Teach Us
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What Pets With Disabilities Can Teach Us

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Did you know it is Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week? This guest post is written by Ellie Batchiyska of Handicapped Pets, your most trusted source for pet wheelchairs, harnesses, and back braces.

Pets with disabilities are soldiers of adversity and advocates for survival. While many are disabled due to ailments or health issues, there are also countless disabled pets whose disabilities are a result of abuse or neglect. The hardships that these pets have faced often provides them with an incomparable sense of compassion and gratitude.

Despite their kind nature, many pet owners still feel disabled pets are too much of a handful. However, bringing one into your family actually couldn’t be more rewarding. Pets with disabilities teach us numerous lessons about patience, acceptance, and true happiness. Inviting one into your home could show you what it means to live and love without boundaries.

So, what are these priceless life lessons we can learn from our disabled pets?


Disabled pets don’t have it easy. They miss out on many of the freedoms other pets have: to roam without restriction, to chase their toys and tailsand so much more. Nonetheless, they don’t let this stop them from enjoying themselves. You will find that many disabled pets retain their playful and curious nature. Particularly when equipped with pet wheelchairs, harnesses, or other supports, they can be just as active and excitable. Pets with disabilities don’t let their condition, and the hardships that may have caused it, come between them and a rewarding life. As humans, we can learn a lot about how not to let our circumstances hinder our enjoyment.


Pets with disabilities love just as much as able-bodied petsif not more. Without you, disabled pets have absolutely no options for recovery. You equip them with the necessary therapy, supplements, and supports to make their life a fulfilling one. As a result, they’ll spend it thanking you. We know that the best thing about animals is their unconditional love. This is felt even more strongly in disabled animals. You will find that they are fully aware that you are the one who saved/rehabilitated them, and they will be more devoted to you than you can ever imagine in return. As the saying goes, “It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.” This very much applies to our pets, too.


Disabled pets, in spite of their condition, are always willing to step up to a challenge. They don’t let their disability prevent them from taking on new physical tasks and exploring different kinds of terrain. If you install a ramp to help your disabled pet get from one floor to another, they will often do everything in their power to accomplish this feat. They will also continue to be enthusiastic about walking, running, and other physically-taxing activities. While they may not be able to handle as much of this as able-bodied pets, they certainly won’t stop making the effort. They’ll continue to be receptive to tricks and travelalbeit with certain limitations. Day by day, they show us that giving up is not an option.

True Happiness

Pets with disabilities teach us that happiness is not a result of your past, your circumstances, or your physicality. Happiness is a result of how you choose to spend your time and whether or not you spend it with the people you love. Pets who have experienced hardship can appreciate a warm bed, a good meal, and a solid belly rub more than any others. Disabled pets are not concerned with the fact that they need wheels to get around or a harness to standthey’re just happy to be alive and in the presence of a loving family and warm home. As humans, we can learn a lot about not letting our circumstances get us down. Very rarely do we have control over said circumstances anyway, so why not take a page out of our four-legged friends’ book?


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