Why You Need a Cat Litter Subscription
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Why You Need a Cat Litter Subscription

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So, you still don’t have a cat litter subscription? We’re here to change your mind. From convenience to physical benefits, there are many reasons to try out a cat litter subscription. However, there are a few things you should look for when you sign up. Learn more below!

Why you need a cat litter subscription

You can subscribe to pretty much anything these days. But one of the most essential items for your pet household should be at the top of your subscription to-do list: cat litter delivery. With a cat litter subscription, you have one less thing to worry about.

It’s convenient.

With a cat litter subscription, you can set it and forget it. Cat litter isn’t a fun, glamorous item that people enjoy shopping for, so why not make it as unobtrusive a purchase as possible? You’ll thank yourself when you open your front door to find that box of cat litter sitting on the porch. One less thing to worry about, indeed!

It’s responsible.

At a time where we’re all making the effort to practice responsible social distancing, a cat litter subscription allows you to skip the pet store. This hands-off approach is better for you, and better for society.

It’s better for your back!

Most of us don’t enjoy lugging around a box of cat litter. Cat litter delivery takes much of the physical effort out of buying cat litter. Instead of lugging the box around the store, into your car, out of your car, and into your house, you now just have to grab it off your front porch!

A cat litter subscription should have…

Now, we may have established the case for why you need cat litter subscription. But since you’re going to take that next step, why not make it a quality cat litter subscription? Here are a few factors to consider when deciding which monthly cat litter you want to subscribe to:

Quality litter

First of all, you should consider a high-quality cat litter. Studies show that most cats prefer unscented, clay-clumping litter. In addition to these qualities, you’ll want to consider cat litter that is low-dust, low-tracking, and all-natural—that means no added chemicals or perfumes. Not only is this type of cat litter better for your cat, it’s better for your household!

Flexible frequency

Your cat litter subscription should have flexible options when it comes to frequency. You need to consider how many cats you have, and how quickly you tend to run out of clean litter.

Flexible litter amounts

Again, depending on how many cats you have in the house, you should have the flexibility to subscribe to a certain amount of litter. That may be a 40-pound box monthly, or three 20-pound boxes quarterly, or something completely different. Figure out what’s right for your cat household!

No hidden fees

Finally, your cat litter subscription shouldn’t come with surprise costs. That means no membership fees, no cancelation fees, no modification fees, and so on. You only have to pay for what you get.

Litterbox.com cat litter subscription

Bengal cat next to a bag of Litterbox.com clay clumping litter

With all of these factors in mind, we recommend a Litterbox.com cat litter subscription! Why? Litterbox.com litter is made from sun-dried clay, is naturally unscented, and forms hard clumps fast while locking in odors. Plus, it has no hidden fees and flexible subscription options:

  • Choose from 20-, 40-, or 60-lb. boxes
  • Get it monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly

There are many reasons to try a cat litter subscription—so subscribe today!

bag of clay-clumping Litterbox.com cat litter - why you need a cat litter subscription