What Is The Best Cat Litter? Here's The Scoop!
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What Is The Best Cat Litter? Here's The Scoop!

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With so many different kinds of cat litter on the market, it can be difficult to figure out what is the best cat litter. That’s why we thought that this simple, (hopefully) educational breakdown of the different cat litters out there might be of some use to you. Hope we were right!

How To Find A Litter That Deodorizes

Deodorizing cat litter can be a very convenient and reasonably priced solution to your otherwise unpleasantly scented litter box room. Most of your basic deodorized litters are going to be labeled in such a way that it’ll be apparent to you when you’re at the pet store. Nowadays most all of your major litter brands are going to have a deodorizing option, and, again, it will be labeled as such, but you don’t necessarily have to quit using your basic bulk litter, if that’s what’s been working for you and your kitty, and what’s also been fitting into the budget (wink, wink). Arm & Hammer makes a product that is added to whatever cat litter you already use and serves as a sort of aftermarket litter deodorizer (and quite effectively, from what we’ve read). So, whether you’re looking for a new, deodorized litter or you just want to add a little something extra to the stuff you’ve already got, there are more than enough options for you to choose.

How To Find A Litter That Your Cat Also Enjoys

But how do you find a litter that your cat also enjoys? A very good question, because a cat unhappy with its litter box is a going to directly result in an owner who’s unhappy with his cat. Keeping your cat happy with the litter you keep in its box isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first thought, however. The Humane Society offers some really great tips on how to ensure that your cat is happy. Namely, it’s suggested that using finer litter is often more agreeable, and that previously outdoor cats may enjoy some rocks or other topographical distortions along the surface of their litter. Most importantly, though, (and this may involve some trial and error, which is perfectly all right) once you’ve found a litter that your cat enjoys, don’t go changing it again and again. What would the purpose of that be, anyway? Cats enjoy routine, and even people can relate when it comes to their lavatory routine. Think about your favorite TP.

So, What Is The Best Cat Litter?

Again, the question, “What is the best cat litter?” is so subjective that it would be like another person telling you what the best toilet paper is, or what the best breakfast cereal is, you know? Each cat is going to have a slightly different preference, and, for better or worse (largely depending on how particular your kitty is) the duty of finding the right litter for your cat falls on you. Our Litter Robot Brand premium clumping litter has been well received and also is quite a bargain, and is shipped with two, 10 lb. bags which are easy to manage and you won’t have to be running out to the store every week. The choice is yours, or, more specifically, the choice is your cat’s, but the responsibility is yours. Fortunately, you’ve got Automated Pet Care here for support. Until next time, keep the litter fresh!


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