Cat Sizes

  1. toybob cat playing - small cat breeds

    15 Smallest Cat Breeds & Miniature Cats That Stay Small

    Many cat breeds are naturally tiny, while some are derived from the Munchkin. These breeds stay kitten-like forever...
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  2. persian cat and persian kitten outside

    When Do Cats Stop Growing?

    When are cats considered adults? Depending on their breed, cats reach their full size at different ages...
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  3. two Ragdoll cats

    Ragdoll Cat Size: How Big Can They Get? Adult Size & Weight

    The sweet Ragdoll cat is one of the largest cat breeds. See how the Ragdoll compares in size to other domestic breeds...
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  4. Norwegian Forest cat outside during winter

    Norwegian Forest Cat Size: How Big Are They?

    How big are Norwegian Forest cats compared to other domestic breeds? Learn about their size and history...
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  5. Sphynx cat crouching

    What Is a Sphynx Cat and How Big Do They Get?

    Learn more about the hairless Sphynx cat—a medium-sized, loving, playful, and talkative indoor cat with unique features...
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  6. white Maine Coon cat

    Maine Coon Cat Size: How Big Are They?

    The Maine Coon cat is the largest domestic cat breed that is native to the United States. Read about these bright...
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  7. Bengal cat lying belly up

    How Big Does a Bengal Cat Get?

    Curious to know how big a Bengal cat will be as an adult? Learn about the breed's size, habits, and how to care for...
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  8. Top 15 Largest Cat Breeds You Can Bring Home Now

    Top 15 Largest Cat Breeds You Can Bring Home Now

    Check out 15 of the largest cat breeds, which have made the record books with their size—while still being the perfect...
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  9. How Big Will My Cat Get?

    How Big Will My Cat Get?

    After adopting a kitten, it’s only natural to wonder: How big will my cat get? How big your cat gets mostly depends...
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