The Self-Cleaning Litter Box For Multiple Cats
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The Self-Cleaning Litter Box For Multiple Cats

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Do you have a multiple cat household? Are you overwhelmed with the number of conventional litter boxes in your home? The Humane Society and other sources suggest having 1.5 litter boxes per cat. That means three litter boxes for two cats and five litter boxes for three! Think about all of the crouching, scooping and replenishing involved in a three-cat home. If you love your big family of kitties, but you’re having trouble managing all of their many waste receptacles, then perhaps you need something simpler. The Litter-Robot! Voila! Why not replace your five conventional litter boxes with one automatic self-cleaning litter box? It’ll be even more effective, and you’ll have less than 1/5 of the work to do.

A Clean Box, Every Time

One of the chief reasons for one and a half litter boxes per cat is cleanliness. As cat owner, there’s only so much scooping that you’re going to be able to do in a day, and the typical cat owner wants to minimize that as much as possible. With only one box and three cats, you’d be practically scooping all day long just to keep the box clean enough to keep your cats satisfied. So, at least with conventional litter boxes, one per cat plus an extra or two is a safe way to ensure that your cats are always arriving at a relatively fresh litter box. But what if there was some device that could clean itself after each use, to ensure that the next kitty to arrive would be presented with a completely clean environment? Oh, what’s that, you say…you say there is such a device, and it’s called the Litter Robot? Well, by golly, how about that? Now, with just one Litter Robot, your multiple cat household no longer has to be a multiple litter box household, too. Touché, Automated Pet Care, touché.

Reduced Competition

Another factor that plays into the use of litter boxes in a multiple cat household, and which can necessitate a separate litter box for each cat, is a level of spirited (or sometimes just plain bullying) competition. When one cat decides that the other will have to acknowledge the first cat’s dominance before being permitted to use the litter box, it can lead the second cat to eliminate waste elsewhere to avoid confrontation. But why introduce a second, or third, litter box only to alleviate the symptom, when you could face and resolve the problem directly. With an automatic self-cleaning litter box like the Litter-Robot, you not only solve the effects of the competition, but you can actually relieve the competition entirely. When your litter box actually cleans itself after each use, you’ll find that your cats will be less prone to identifying it as “their” domain, but rather see it as a universal (and readily accessible) location to make waste. So, don’t allow one cat to bully the others, but level the playing field with the technologically superior Litter Robot, instead!

If your multiple cat household is becoming too much of a burden, there’s a simple and convenient solution that will have you and your cats much happier than before. A Litter Robot is the answer to every one of your multiple cat, multiple litter box dilemmas.


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