Getting Started with your Litter-Robot Open Air
First, let’s review some important safety instructions. Always be sure that any cat in your household that might use the Litter-Robot weighs at least 5 pounds. Cats must be 5 pounds or more to activate the sensor. Always place the Litter-Robot on a firm, level surface. Avoid deep carpet, which may affect the unit’s sensitivity.
Love Your Pet Day!
Love Your Pet Day…do we really need a reminder? An actual holiday? A whole day set aside for smushing our smushy babies? Yes! Why not?! With Valentine’s Day and all that lovey-dovey-ness past, taking the time mark another day of love—love for all things furry or fuzzy or whatever texture your lovebug is—sounds like a great idea!
The Coziest Cat Beds for the Tail End of Winter
Guest post by Kristen Levine   Kristen Levine Pet Living is the place for stories, science & advice for living happier and healthier with pets.   One thing that’s true of almost every cat in the world is that they LOVE to be warm and cozy. Most felines will instinctively seek out and snuggle up
Helpful Accessories for Your Litter-Robot Open Air
The Litter-Robot already makes it easier to care for your cat, and with a few additions, the experience can be even better. For those litter-kicking, liner-scratching, not-quite-all-the-way-in kitties… The Litter-Robot Fence If your kitty sends litter sailing out of your Litter-Robot onto the floor,...
Fresh Start for Feline Good Health in 2017
Guest post by Kristen Levine   Kristen Levine Pet Living is the place for stories, science & advice for living happier and healthier with pets.   January is traditionally a time to plan and to reflect, to think about the past year and to set goals to make the next one even better. If you
Litter-Robot Open Air Feature: Backup Battery
Keep your Litter-Robot working during power outages. For those times when the electricity goes out, the Litter-Robot Open Air can be powered by a Backup Battery. When power to the unit is interrupted, the Litter-Robot automatically switches to Backup Battery power and a yellow LED illuminates the Power button to let you know the unit is in Backup
Litter-Robot Open Air Cabinet
Get the most out of your space with the Litter-Robot Open Air Cabinet. Simple and functional, the Litter-Robot Cabinet makes never scooping again that much nicer. The Litter-Robot simply slides under the cabinet, giving you access to the control panel and waste drawer, while providing a functional shelf above the unit. The high-quality wood, meticulous
What is a cat’s favorite kind of plant?
A Cat Tree, of course! What’s that you say? A cat tree is not actually a type of plant? Ah, well, I suppose not—but I think you will agree it is, nonetheless, a cat favorite. Cats love to lounge on their lofty ledges, slumber on their sun-drenched shelves, and play and peer from their prominent protrusions. Too
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