Pro User Tips Tara

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Tip: Since the base of the Litter-robot cannot be submersed in water because of the internal motor, we have come up with a routine for cleaning it about every 3 months or so. First we wipe the outside of the base off with a gently cleansing wipe. We remove the drawer and vacuum any loose cat litter out of the bottom of the drawer and the base. We use a soft brush attachment on the vacuum hose to gently remove litter dust from the inside rim of the base, as wheel as the exposed gear. Then, since fine particles of dust settle in next to the exposed gear, we suck out what we can with the vacuum attachment and if necessary, we use an air compressor to blow air inside the base to dislodge any other dust that has worked its way inside the unit.

Another tip: If the protective plastic film cover over the control panel comes off and you want to keep it cover, Press-n-Seal wrap cut to fit is a perfect replacement.


Dunlap, IL

Business As Usual For Litter-Robot, SkyMall Retailer

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The SkyMall bankruptcy will have no effect on its retailer, Litter-Robot

Pontiac, MI – January 27, 2015 – The recent bankruptcy filing of the in-flight catalog, SkyMall, will have no effect on the pet product manufacturer, Automated Pet Care Products, or its hugely popular pet appliance, Litter-Robot.

The SkyMall catalog and its hundreds of innovative and quirky products had been part of the in-flight experience for 25 years.  The Litter-Robot had been included in the catalog for the past several years. “We are saddened to see SkyMall going through their current struggles in the marketplace,” states Brad Baxter, President of Automated Pet Care Products.  “We want to assure our customers that the SkyMall bankruptcy will have no effect on our company or the services we provide.”

Litter-Robot units sold through SkyMall that have valid warranties will continue to be honored by Automated Pet Care Products.  Baxter goes on to say, “It’s business as usual for us and we will continue to take care of our customers regardless of where they purchased their Litter-Robot units.”

The Litter-Robot, an automatic, self-cleaning litter box, made its market debut 15 years ago and has sold over 100,000 units in the United States. The majority of sales is directly from its website and is also sold through independent distributors around the world.  Baxter continues, “We are proud to have had our product featured in what became an American traveling tradition. We are optimistic that their brand will continue on as they evolve within this highly competitive retail environment.”

Baxter used his experience as an engineer in Detroit’s automotive industry to design a quality product made from durable plastics and industrial grade components.  “The Litter-Robot was designed to last,” states Baxter. “We have built a quality appliance, not a disposable product that needs to be replaced every year.”

Customers can try the Litter-Robot in their home risk free for 90 days to ensure complete satisfaction.  Litter-Robot is also backed by an 18-month full warranty.

Source: SkyMall Lands in Bankruptcy as Air Travelers Shun Catalog. Bloomberg, 23 Jan. 2015.

Merry Christmas!

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I purchased a Litter-Robot a few years ago, after a friend told me he had one and loved it.    I love it too.  This past July  my daughter was complaining about having to clean litter boxes for her 4 cat,  so I decided to surprise her and get her an early Christmas gift.  On the order, where it had a place to put order markings/comments, I put Merry Christmas.   When I was at her house a few days after it arrived, I saw the empty box on her porch as was surprised to see that someone at the factory had actually taken the time and wrote Merry Christmas in red and green pen  on the outside of the box.  That little extra touch made my day.  Not only is it a product I wouldn’t live without, they are also wonderful to deal with.   Thank you


Hundred, West Virginia

Pro User Donna – 2 years

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I have had the Litter-Robot for over 2 years now, and it is still working great. In the past I had used other automated litter box systems and they worked well for about 1 year then started having issues. My cat is a complete diva and if his litter box isn’t kept 100% clean he will find someplace else to go, so an automated system is a must. This system keeps the smells down far better than others I have used. I’ve gone 2 weeks without cleaning and people with sensitive noses haven’t picked up a cat pee odor. Very easy to change the liner in the waste receptacle bin, far easier and cheaper than other automated systems that have special receptacles you constantly need to buy and still are prone to making messes. I’ve also noticed I use far less litter with this unit than other automated systems. This is an expensive unit and it is quite large, but well worth the purchase.


Martinez, GA

Pro User Jessica

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I purchased my Litter-Robot in late 2010. Other litter boxes were messy and high maintenance and not large enough for my male, 17 lb, ragdoll cat. I had read bad reviews on some of the other comparable, high end boxes while the ones on litter robot were great. Well it’s mid 2014 and I love the Litter-Robot bubble model, beige. The investment was well worth it. My cat took to it instantly and is even possessive of it. I only have to clean once every week and a half. I save a ton on litter. I also love how the site offers replacement parts for everything. Thank LR team.


San Diego, CA

Pro User Jan

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Since 2009, my Litter-Robot has kept my home clean and fresh-smelling. It has provided a private space for Biskit to conduct “business”. Four days ago, I rescued Noodle from a local shelter. Two days ago, he met Biskit by surprise and promptly hopped into the Litter-Robot for refuge. When the coast was clear, he stepped out, turned around, and climbed back in to conduct a little “business” of his own. He loves it, she loves it, and mostly, I love it. How simple can it be to open a drawer, pull out a bag, put a new one in, close the drawer, and walk away? Thank you Litter-Robot, from the 3 of us!


Pro User Marty

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At first we thought we might have to return our unit as nothing suggested could get either cat to use it.

We finally took the globe of the base and sat it against the wall then took a rolled up towel and wedged it around the bottom to stabilize the globe. Then after placing some old litter in the globe mixed with the new, we turned the Litter Maid off.

Both cats started using it after 3-4 days, then we just placed it back on the base to run a cleaning cycle, after a few days we removed the old litter box, then after a week of having it on the floor we placed it and left it on the base.

Both cats are now using it and good riddance to the Litter Maid.


North Liberty, IN

Pro User Dee

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My daughter gave us the Littler-Robot as a gift. She said she was so impress with her first one she had to have a second one and felt it would solve my problems. We had 4 cats. I have 4 litter boxes. Two of the cats would not use any of the litter boxes. I would watch one of them push it away and proceed to pee on the floor. I had to pull all my beautiful wool rugs up and put them in storage. I was cleaning our carpets almost on a daily basis and getting really frustrated with the cats in general. I was at my wits end. When the Litter-Robot arrived I thought “Geez waste of money, space as this will never work. Nothing else seemed to”. Well….. Our male cat love to set it off. He would sit and watch it for hours at a time. Over a course of two months, one cat at a time began to use it. The one that refused to use any litter box has been caught using it. I believe what prompted her was my husband coated the doorway and the inside with Feline Facial Pheromones. We also left the jar next to the Litter-Robot. We are so thrilled to find something that works! I highly recommend the Litter-Robot to any cat owner.


Santa Fe, NM

Pro User Lanita – 14 years

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We have used Litter-Robots for years, since they first came to market.  We still own the original model.  Yes, it still works and yes, all our cats use them.  We never have to scoop litter and our cats never have to dig in litter with waste in it.  I think always having “purrfectly” clean litter keeps them healthier and happier.  The design has continued to improve and we have now purchased a total of seven over the years.  They all continue to work perfectly.  Three of ours are designed with windows and admittedly seem to get the most use.  I think our cats enjoy having a little “light on the subject” when they “go”!

When we purchased our first one we had tried other self scooping boxes all of which had flaws.  The other guys self cleaning boxes left too much litter behind, allowed more odor, and were hard to keep clean.  We couldn’t believe how well the Litter-Robot worked!  We purchased a second within a year.  Now with all the improvements made over the years it is absolutely the ONLY self cleaning box we would ever recommend!



Pro User Carol

Monday, 14 April, 2014 | Category: Pro User Questions, Pro Users Group | Comments (2)

I have owned my machine for many years. I recently sent two machines to my daughter; she has lots of cats.   At one time, I had six cats and half of them used the machine; the others insisted on regular boxes.  I currently have two cats (MUCH EASIER) and neither of them is impressed with the machine.  I notice rarely they DO use it; I hear the machine cleaning itself.  I would dearly love to convert them full time to the robot.  Any suggestions?