National Cat Day: The Perfect Chance to Celebrate Your Cat
  Guest Post by VK Jocums   National Cat Day, celebrated across the US on October 29th, is almost here. Founded in 2005 by Colleen Paige, it is the perfect day to raise awareness about the benefits and responsibilities of caring for...
Litter-Robot Open Air Troubleshooting
If you’ve been troubleshooting issues with your Litter-Robot Open Air to no avail, try this Fresh Restart to eliminate confounding conditions and identify the problem if there is one. This process will help you communicate the issue to our Customer Service team, so you can get your Litter-Robot working again. Litter-Robot Open Air Fresh Restart It is important that you
National Animal Safety and Prevention Month
October is National Animal Safety and Prevention Month, a time to brush up on best practices to keep your pet healthy and safe. From reactive to proactive, we have compiled a list of tips and tricks to keep your pet safe. From diet dos and don’ts, to vet wills and won’ts; from safeguarding your home to
It’s Tough to Be a Black Cat
Guest post by Kristen Levine Kristen Levine Pet Living is the place for stories, science & advice for living happier and healthier with pets.   Fall is in the air. For many cat parents this means cool, crisp weather, yummy treats like apple cider, and, in many parts of the country, breathtaking fall foliage. As
How to Help your Neighborhood’s Feral Felines
Caring for feral cat colonies takes a village. Here are some tips for keeping your neighborhood cats safe.   By Julie Falconer Read the full article at The Humane Society of the United States   Beth McNulty was used to seeing the occasional...
It’s a Jungle Out There! What Plants Are Safe for Your Cat?
It’s not uncommon for cat lovers to be plant lovers as well. Whether you have extensive outdoor gardens or simply have some potted plants indoors (or an extensive collection of indoor plants, like me), it’s vital that every cat owner know the...
Litter Box Problems: Why Your Cat Is Missing the Mark
Cats are very clean creatures—that is, they spend a great deal of time grooming themselves and one another (maybe even half of their waking hours). That characteristic cleanliness doesn’t always carry over to the litter box, however. If your indoor cat eliminates where it’s not...
Food Puzzle Today, the Kitty Ivy League Tomorrow
The hot product in cat accessories these days is the food puzzle. Yes, it’s a toy and a feeding device. And not just any toy—it’s a toy your cat has to figure out in order to get a treat. Food puzzles make cats work for a snack while simultaneously building their brainpower. In short, the
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