Keep Your Litter-Robot Working (and Smelling) Like New

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In just a few minutes here and there, you can keep your Litter-Robot in top shape—so you can keep litter box scooping off your to-do list for good! 

Keep your Litter-Robot working (and smelling) like new with these four maintenance reminders:

1. Empty the Waste Drawer when indicated.

Infrared emitters and sensors detect the level of waste in the drawer, and the blue light on the control panel flashes when it’s time to empty. For one average-sized cat, you’ll need to empty the Waste Drawer about once per week, and for two cats, twice every 7-10 days is typical.

To change the drawer liner, simply pull out the drawer, unhook the edges of the liner, and dispose. Then, install a new drawer liner (like our custom-fit, biodegradable drawer liners) by rolling the edges a few times and pushing them into the four tabs (keeping the bag taut at the back). Check out the full Waste Drawer liner installation video here.

Any time you affect the weight or placement of the unit (by removing waste, adding litter, cleaning, or moving the unit), press the Reset button to ensure proper function. Press the Reset button when the unit is at the Home position and the control panel displays a solid blue light.

After you change the Waste Drawer liner and push the drawer back into the Base, make sure you haven’t pushed the unit against a wall or into a corner. The Litter-Robot must not be touching any walls for the Cat Sensor to detect your cat and cycle properly.

2. Add litter as needed.

Each time you empty the Waste Drawer, check the Globe and add litter as needed. Add just enough litter to meet the raised Fill Line on the black rubber liner, but be careful not to overfill the Globe.

Don’t forget to press the Reset button when you’re done adding litter.

3. Replace the Carbon Filter and Seal Strips periodically.

Keep the Litter-Robot smelling fresh by trapping unpleasant odors in the Waste Drawer with replacement Carbon Filters and Seal Strips (or buy them together). How frequently you’ll need to replace the filter is up to you (and the number of cats you have); every few months or when you start to notice that the Waste Drawer smells, change the Carbon Filter. You’ll only need to replace the Seal Strips if you notice they are worn flat or peeling, or if you think excess odor is escaping the Base.

4. Keep it clean!

About once every month or so (depending on how frequently the unit is used), give your Litter-Robot a wipe down. A couple times per year, give it a more thorough cleaning.

First, empty all of the litter from the Globe by pressing the Empty button. The Globe will rotate in the opposite direction of a Clean Cycle, allowing the litter to fall through the waste port, into the drawer. Give the Globe a bath with a gentle cleanser, then let it dry completely.

The Base contains the Cat Sensor and electronics, so never submerge or soak the Base—and never use bleach to clean it. Wipe down surfaces with a cloth dampened with disinfectant—and if you use a spray, spray it directly onto a cloth or paper towel away from the Base, so the disinfectant doesn’t get into the electronics.

The Litter-Robot may be an automatic self-cleaning litter box, but it still takes a little maintenance to keep it working and you free from the chore of scooping the litter box. Make sure to empty the Waste Drawer on time and top off the litter, refresh the Carbon Filters and Seal Strips as needed, and take the time to wipe down and clean the Base, Globe, and Bonnet. Devoting a few minutes here and there to ongoing maintenance will keep your Litter-Robot in top shape for years to come. If you have any questions, contact Customer Service at or call 877-250-7729.


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  • Charles

    I clean mine often and still had a problem with urine smell. I found a solution that works great.
    1- Set the timer to 15 min to give it time to clump.
    2- After you change the bag take a scoop of the litter from the globe before you refill and spread it in the bottom of the waste drawer bag. This helps dry out the waste faster so it doesn’t smell.

    • Mitchell DeVore

      Good tips. Though that sounds like there may be better litter options than what you’re using.

    • Adam

      I completely agree with both points made by Charles. I had the exact same odour issues. And I resolved them the exact same way Charles did.
      Initially I purchased “better” litter (aka most expensive litter), this did nothing, I purchased three of the top “premium” litters I could find. In the end, setting the timer to 15 minutes and sprinkling fresh litter on the bottom of the waste draw bag did the trick.
      I would also suggest changing the carbon filter, washing it just buys you a few extra weeks, replace with a brand new one every 3 to 5 months. I have recently purchased 1 m2 of carbon filter from eBay for about $10, you can use this in addition to the litter robot filter pad. Cut to size and line the front inside of the waste draw with it.

    • dancingcat1

      I use Dr. Mercola litter in the waste drawer, it’s not great as a litter in the litter box, but it contains charcoal so I spread it out on the bottom of the waste drawer bag.. It really helps with odor.

  • Lexi Hemmes

    It would be fantastic if you could design a kitty litter mat that fits AROUND the front bottom of the robot that lays on the floor. My male kitty jumps out of the open air & with him comes litter.

    I have 2 mats on the floor in front of the litter robot, but would love a perfectly designed kitty litter mat that goes around the front on the floor.

    Please consider this. I know it will sell!!!

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