White Cat Breeds

  1. Burmilla cat

    Burmilla Cat Breed Profile

    The Burmilla cat is an easygoing and friendly mix of the Persian and Burmese breeds...
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  2. odd-eyed Khao Manee cat outside

    Khao Manee Cat Breed Profile

    The Khao Manee is an ancient breed from Thailand known for their white coats, jewel-toned eyes, and playfulness...
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  3. Snowshoe cat outside

    Snowshoe Cat Breed Profile

    The Snowshoe cat is recognized for their four distinct white paws and loving attitude. Learn about this family-oriented...
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  4. Turkish Van cat

    Turkish Van Cat Breed Profile

    Turkish Van cats are a highly intelligent, active, and ancient breed that loves water and enjoys being around their...
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  5. Himalayan cat with blue eyes

    Himalayan Cat Colors: What Colors Can Himalayan Cats Be?

    Himalayan cats can display 20 different colors, and each one is just as adorable as the next. Learn more about these...
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  6. pointed Tonkinese cat crouching

    Tonkinese Cat Breed Profile

    The Tonkinese cat is the perfect mix of the Siamese and Burmese breeds. These lovable cats want to play all day long...
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  7. white Turkish Angora cat with one yellow eye, one blue eye

    Meet the Turkish Angora: Turkish Angora Cat Breed Profile

    The Turkish Angora cat is an ancient breed known for their beauty and grace. Read about these loving, energetic cats...
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  8. Balinese cat

    Balinese Cat Breed Profile

    The Balinese cat is a loving and outgoing breed that closely resembles the Siamese. Learn more about this silky-coated...
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  9. Birman cat outside on fence post

    Birman Cat Breed Profile

    The ancient Birman cat is elegant and poised, with a striking long colorpoint coat and sapphire eyes. Read more about...
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  10. Himalayan cat

    Himalayan Cat Breed Profile

    The lovable, fluffy Himalayan cat will cuddle up next to you after playing fetch. Discover more about these intelligent...
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  11. white Persian cat

    Persian Cat Breed Profile

    The Persian cat is a sweet-natured, laid-back cat with a long history. If you love grooming and lounging with your...
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  12. Siamese cat looking out window

    Siamese Cat Breed Profile

    The allure of this ancient breed is hard to ignore. Read about the Siamese cat, a fun family pet known for their...
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  13. white lilac point Ragdoll cat with blue eyes loafing outside

    Ragdoll Cat Breed Profile

    The Ragdoll cat is an affectionate, laid-back, large feline introduced in the 1960s. Learn more about this unique...
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