Cat Colors & Patterns

  1. grey cat inside grey Litter-Robot

    Grey Cat Breeds: Traits, Personality & How to Adopt

    Got a "thing" for grey cats? Grey/blue coloration is found in almost any cat breed. Let's take a look at some of...
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  2. Bengal cat stalking through grass

    15 Exotic Cat Breeds You Can Adopt

    Interested in cats that look like tigers, leopards, lions, and bobcats? Adopt one of these exotic cats...
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  3. Siamese colorpoint cat with a seal point cat coat

    8 Striking Colorpoint Cat Breeds

    Learn about colorpoint cat breeds, including the Siamese, Colorpoint Shorthair, and more...
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  4. tortie cat face

    Tortoiseshell Cat: Breeds, Personality & Lifespan

    Tortie cats are seen as lucky and unique, with their female-dominated tribe of loving felines. Learn more terrific...
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  5. tabby cat with green eyes

    8 Most Common Cat Eye Colors - Facts, Details, & Cat Breeds

    Get the facts about cat eye colors and associated breeds, including cats with blue eyes, green eyes, yellow eyes...
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  6. bicolor Cornish Rex cat

    Cornish Rex Colors: What Colors Can Cornish Rex Cats Be?

    The Cornish Rex cat comes in a wide variety of color and pattern combinations. Learn more about their colors and...
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  7. calico Sphynx cat

    Sphynx Cat Colors: What Colors Can Sphynx Cats Be?

    The Sphynx cat is unique for many reasons, one being that they come in all sorts of colors and patterns, with no...
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  8. two Ocicat kittens

    Ocicat Colors: What Coats Can Ocicats Have?

    Ocicats are recognized in 12 different color variations, all equally beautiful. Find out how your Ocicat classifies...
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  9. calico Devon Rex cat

    Devon Rex Colors: What Coat Colors Can Devon Rex Cats Have?

    The Devon Rex cat stands out with their physical appearance, including their wavy coat. While you might be drawn...
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  10. black cat sitting next to pumpkin

    Why Are Black Cats Associated with Halloween?

    How did black cats become such prevalent Halloween symbols? Unfortunately, the answer involves a lot of dark history...
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  11. Birman cat

    Birman Cat Colors: What Colors Can Birmans Be?

    Birman cats come in 4 main colors but also have a variety of unique point colors that set them apart from other breeds...
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  12. Himalayan cat with blue eyes

    Himalayan Cat Colors: What Colors Can Himalayan Cats Be?

    Himalayan cats can display 20 different colors, and each one is just as adorable as the next. Learn more about these...
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  13. black Bombay cat with golden eyes

    Bombay Cat Colors: What Colors Can Bombay Cats Be?

    The Bombay cat comes in one distinct color: shimmery black. Learn how to tell the difference between Bombays and...
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