8 Striking Colorpoint Cat Breeds
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8 Striking Colorpoint Cat Breeds

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Color us impressed with these colorpoint cat breeds! Did you know that colorpoint refers to many cats’ colors and patterns, as well as specific breeds like the Colorpoint Shorthair? Learn more about the variety of colors and patterns you’ll find on these stunning colorpoint cats. 

What are colorpoint cats?

Color appears only on the face, feet, and tail of colorpoint cats, also known as “points” or “point cats.” Both parents must carry the colorpoint gene to produce a colorpoint kitten.

Colorpoint is a pattern… and a breed!

Like tabby, calico, tortie, and tuxedo, colorpoint refers to a coat pattern. Unlike those other patterns, colorpoint can also refer to a breed! 

As a pattern, colorpoint is most commonly associated with Siamese cats. 

As a breed, colorpoint is most commonly associated with Colorpoint Shorthair cats.

Dozens of colorpoint varieties

While Siamese cats are recognized in only four colors (seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac), other colorpoint cats, including the Colorpoint Shorthair, have 8 point color possibilities, and four point pattern possibilities. 


  • Seal point
  • Cream point
  • Red point (also called flame point)
  • Cinnamon point
  • Fawn point
  • Chocolate point
  • Blue point
  • Lilac point


  • Solid point (in any of the colors)
  • Lynx (tabby) point (in any of the colors)
  • Tortie point (in any of the colors)
  • Torbie point (in any of the colors)

8 colorpoint cat breeds

Colorpoint Shorthair

Red Colorpoint Shorthair cat - colorpoint cat breeds
Photo by Marieke Tacken on Unsplash

The Colorpoint Shorthair is a cross between a Siamese and a red American Shorthair. This breed comes in 16 colors! Like her parent breed the Siamese, the Colorpoint Shorthair is a very talkative, intelligent cat. Although typically small in stature, she is known for a big, raspy voice.


Siamese cat - colorpoint cat breeds

The most recognized of the colorpoint cats is the Siamese cat. This ancient natural breed has a storied history, from being companion to ancient temple priests and a revered patron of royal families, to contributing to countless modern feline pedigrees. The Siamese comes in seal, chocolate, blue, and lilac point colors.


Birman cat - colorpoint cat breeds
© Alekos / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Another natural colorpoint cat is the Birman, which is said to have originated in the temples of Burma. Legend has it that this beautiful, semi-longhaired cat acquired its deep sapphire eyes from a blue-eyed goddess. This is a docile cat breed that loves being held.


Thai cat adult and kitten - colorpoint cat breeds
© Phaithai Cattery / CC-BY-SA-4.0

The Thai cat is known as the “Old-Style Siamese.” This breed comprises the natural colorpoint cat that you’ll find in Thailand today. These affectionate, energetic kitties, called Wichienmaat by the Thai people, have been adored in Thailand for at least 700 years. They even appear in a famous book of cat poems written by Siamese monks!


Balinese cat - colorpoint cat breeds

The longhaired version of the Siamese cat, the Balinese breed was named after Bali dancers for their graceful yet muscular stature. The breed originated in the 1940s after crossing Siamese cats with domestic longhaired cats. They are vocal, loving, and socially demanding cats.


Himalayan cat - colorpoint cat breeds
© Joseph Morris / CC-BY-SA-4.0

Another longhaired colorpoint cat, the Himalayan was developed by crossing a Siamese and a Persian cat. These sweet, docile cats feature the color and pattern of the Siamese, but the long hair and facial features of the Persian. They prefer quiet, serene homes and lots of love.


Ragdoll cat - colorpoint cat breeds
© BlackIceNRW / CC-BY-SA-3.0

The Ragdoll cat is one of the largest and gentlest cat breeds, even known to collapse in the arms of anyone who holds them. Besides their size and temperament, they’re known for their long, silky coats and variety of color points and patterns. Their cousin, the Ragamuffin, comes in even more colors and patterns!


Snowshoe cat - colorpoint cat breeds
© Editor.els.dc / CC-BY-SA-4.0

The Snowshoe cat breed was developed in the 1960s with the aim of combining Siamese points with the white feet of a Birman cat. Interestingly, Snowshoe kittens are born totally white. Their point coloring starts to develop a few weeks after birth. This uncommon breed is smart, active, and tends to have one “favorite” person.

Of course, this is just a sample of colorpoint cats and their associated breeds. All colorpoint cats are special felines, indeed!  

Red Colorpoint Shorthair cat - colorpoint cat breeds


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